About me

I am a mom, a wife, a serial traveller, a survivor and a dreamer. I love flowers, photography, travelling, reading and cooking. I write about my passions.
I try to live my life to the fullest in spite of my chronic illness. Sometimes I succeed…. sometimes I don’t.

I live in Switzerland with my husband and two kids, a girl – in her teens – and a boy.

I consider myself a serial traveller.

I was born in Rome, Italy, my parents immigrants from the neighbouring regions of Umbria and Latium.

Playing in Sydney 1972
Playing in Sydney – Rose Bay 1972

My father worked for an intercontinental airline and when he got posted around the world the family followed. It was a great  adventure. In my younger years I have lived in Africa, Australia, Asia and America. After university I moved for work to the UK for a while then back to Italy and years later to Switzerland.

I love to travel and especially love to visit places I have read about. I love to visit new places as the next gal, but I also love to go back to places where I have lived as a girl to experience how much they (and I) have changed and share them with my husband and kids.


I am a survivor. I was diagnosed with cancer four years ago and underwent treatment and I thank God everyday that it went well. I still have to go for regular check-ups.

I have worked 20 years in financial institutions and had to retire because of my chronic illness.

I suffer from chronic migraines, which is not fun. When I have a bad attack I am completely useless, sometimes the attacks are a little less strong and with medication and after a while I can manage a very superficial conversation. The rest of the time I have headaches so I tend not to listen to music too much 🙂 ! Anyway I try and find solace in the beauty of nature (did I mention how much I love flowers?) and in the love of my family.

I love cooking. I started as a kid, helping out my mom and my grandmothers with small tasks and graduating to more difficult ones with time. I think that preparing food for someone you care about is a way of showing your love. I love to cook Italian but also Chinese, Indian, Thai, English and American cuisine.


All photos are mine, unless otherwise indicated. All rights reserved.
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